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Newsletter company formation in Spain, Wealth Relocation I/2020
Free downloads here.

New posters from De Micco & Friends
Free downloads here.

Wealth protection by relocation of assets from offshore locations
New article about wealth relocation ENGLISH | ARAB

Family Office: Pablo Picasso, very first artwork for sale
De Micco & Friends manages sale of Pablo Picasso artwork "Los Payasos"

Award winner
Our president, Luigi Carlo De Micco, got the award "Best CEO in Spain" by the CV Magazine, London: Outstanding management skills, creative leadership, manager and entrepreneur of the fastest growing law firm in Europe...

New book "Investoren finden und überzeugen":
German version 2018: Now available.

New brochure:
Company setup, free zone Dubai and all UAE.

On tour:
Key note speech of president Luigi Carlo De Micco at BOSCO conference, InvestPro, Dubai, 06/07. Dec. 2017.

In the press:
De Micco & Friends opens branch in Somaliland.

The Global Family Office
Find new family office information here.

Award winner
De Micco & Friends got the Award "Best Real Estate Law Firm in Spain" from Finance Monthly.

New Real Estate Services for buyer of properties
Learn more about the newest Property Purchase Package for buyers of properties.

Golden Visa - new progam in Hungary
Learn more about the newest Golden Visa regulatons in Hungary (residency by bonds investment).

Golden Visa - regulations in Spain - new fact sheet
Learn more about the newest Golden Visa regulatons in Spain (residency by real estate investment).

New lawyer partner in Cairo, Egypt
De Micco & Friends welcomes a new lawyer partner in Egypt. Mostafa Nagi Amer joined our team.

De Micco & Friends got Class Action Lawsuit mandate about $ 10 Billion
The biggest class action in the history of medical malpractice will be managed by our group. The action is directed against various institutions and authorities in the US and Europe... Read press release ...

New lawyer partner in Panama
De Micco & Friends welcomes a new lawyer partner in Panama. Tamara Fernández joined our team.

New lawyer partners in Iran, Teheran
De Micco & Friends welcomes 3 new lawyer partners in Teheran. Dr. Pouria Askary, Mojtaba Nayyer, and Mohammad Masoudi joined our team.

Claims against cyber crime scammers
As one of a view law firms De Micco & Friends defents victims of ciber crime scams against scammers world wide. : Lawyers for cyber crime victims.

New Service: political asylum application in Europe
De Micco & Friends is one of only a view law firms in Europe who offer political asylum services. Please learn more about asylum ein Europe: How to get Asylum in Europe.

New tax regulations in Spain (2015/2016)
Resume about all important new tax regulations for residents and non-residents in Spain here.

New services for sellers of real estates
Many real estate transactions in Spain are delayed or even fall through due to missing or incomplete documentation or approvals. As a seller you can prevent this to ensure a smooth and speedy sales process. Here is the solution for sellers of properties. Find out more here.

President Luigi Carlo De Micco speach at INTAX. Moscow, June 2016,
INTAX EXPO is one of the world’s biggest conference and exhibition for practitioners in spheres of corporate finance, residence & citizenship, estate planning and international tax structuring. Speach of our president: "Next destination Europe: Opportunities, risks and rules - for business and immigration." Find out more here.

New lawyer partners in Limassol, Cyprus
De Micco & Friends signed a new lawyer partner in Cyprus.

New lawyer partner in Barcelona
De Micco & Friends signed a new lawyer partner in Barcelona.

New lawyer partners in Madrid
De Micco & Friends signed a new lawyer partner in Madrid.

Mallorca Branch is growing, German lawyers wanted
The De Micco & Friends branch in Palma de Mallorca is growing. We are looking for German lawyers.

New lawyer partner in Monaco
De Micco & Friends Monaco signed a new lawyer partner in Monaco.

New lawyer partner in Marbella
De Micco & Friends Monaco signed a new lawyer partner in Marbella.

De Micco & Friends advisory partner in IPO at London GXG listing
New listing of CocoAkvo at GXG markets, London

New branch in Spain
De Micco & Friends opens a new branch in Spain at 1st. of September 2013. De Micco & Friends is located in Palma de Mallorca and will concentrate on the local real estate and M&A business. The new branch will offer the full range of legal and financial services. In the future the Mallorca branch will be the European headqaurter of the group. More branches in Spain are in development such as Madrid, Marbella and Barcelona.

De Micco & Friends Group represented as sponsor at European Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum
Keynote: "The new Family office" European Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum - A Private Wealth Series. Event 6-8 June Inter Continental Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

De Micco & Friends launchs senior partner concept
New concept for Lawyers, attorneys, auditors, real estate and finance experts.

New Publication: How to find and convince Investors
The most important success factors in persuading investors are discussed and elaborated on using practical examples. The focus is less on the technical, but rather more on the communicative aspects, which are the crucial success factors... Order here.

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