Capital market lawyers and auditors

LAWYERS & AUDITORS is looked to by both - issuers and investors - as a partner in the global capital markets for assistance in all kind of private equity and capital market transactions in Europe.

Structuring and executing on transactions

De Micco and Friends private equity and capital markets services cover all varieties of capital markets transactions for investors, including: 

  • Executing of due diligence, valuation, risk analysis for investors
  • Investment restructuring
  • Portfolio restructuring
  • Merger & Acquisitions
  • Initial public offerings (IPOs), secondary and follow-on stock offerings
  • Reverse IPO's, Mergers
  • Private equity and mezzanine financing
  • All European Stock Exchanges
  • High yield debt and bridge financings
  • Eurobonds, Yankee bonds, investment grade bonds and programs
  • Private placements, as well as public equity (PIPE) offerings
  • Equity-linked securities and equity derivatives
  • Liability management transactions, such as tender offers, exchange offers, consent solicitations, amendments and waivers
  • Delistings (going private)

Helping businesses grow and operate

With more than 300 capital markets experts, lawyers and auditors in offices around the globe, LAWYERS & AUDITORS advises on nearly every type of capital markets offering. investment banks, investors, issuers as well as private equity investors of all sizes across a range of industries - including oil and gas, healthcare, financial institutions, gaming, chemicals, media and telecommunications, retail and consumer products, and manufacturing - rely on LAWYERS & AUDITORS capital markets experts to help them raise billions in transactions through a broad array of products and services.

Legal and audit for Fonds and private placements

LAWYERS & AUDITORS offers the legal and audit management and the setup of fonds and private placement structures. In Spain our group manages the SELFIBA fond, which is a private fond for real estate investments and financing. Here real estate is acquired well below the market price within the framework of refinancing measures (Sell & Finance Back). The seller of the real estate has a current liquidity requirement. In some cases, law enforcement measures or foreclosure sale threaten.

SELFIBA offers the owners of private real estate and investment objects with acute liquidity requirement the optimal financing solution. The real estate is acquired by SELFIBA e.g. at the remaining collateral value. At the same time the owner has the option of repurchasing their real estate against a premium within a year.

Learn more about SELFIBA here.

Our Clients

  • Banks, Investment Banks
  • Venture Capital Companies
  • Private Equity Investors
  • Private Investors, Family offices
  • Asset Managment Firms
  • Fonds, Fonds in Fonds
  • Insurances

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