How to get Asylum in Europe

Asylum has been a core tenet of international law since the passage of the 1951 Geneva Convention on the Protection of Refugees. According to the convention, people are granted asylum if they seek protection from a well-founded fear of persecution due to race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion. Asylum-seekers whose applications are recognized are entitled to remain in the country and receive its protection.

De Micco & Friends is one of only a view law firms in Europe who offer political asylum services. We help people from all over the world to get asylum in Europe.

How does one apply for asylum in the EU?

Arriving in Europe
Asylum-seekers arrive in an EU country, where official in an immigration center takes their fingerprints and stores them in the EURODAC database. The Dublin Regulation stipulates that asylum claims must be processed in the first country that the asylum-seeker reaches.

Country selection
Once fingerprints are processed, officials can determine which member state will ultimately examine the asylum application. The decision rests upon multiple factors, including whether the asylum-seeker has family members in an EU member state, whether the person has a visa or residence permit and whether the person has entered the EU legally or illegally.

Free legal assistance
EU countries are obligated to provide asylum-seekers with "harmonised standards of reception" while they wait for a decision on their application. This includes limited detention and free legal assistance. Asylum-seekers must also be granted access to employment within nine months.

Procedures if application is declined
If the application is declined, the asylum-seeker may file an appeal with a judge or be sent back to his or her country of origin. If the appeal is granted, the process continues. Please respect, while the application for asylum is uniform across the EU, the number of applications accepted is at the discretion of each member state. So it's very important to check before immigration which might be the best place...

Why hiring an immigration lawyer to get asylum in Europe?

Immigration law in the European Union can be very complex. When you are seeking asylum in the EU, you may not know how to go about it. Asylum is only available to certain groups of individuals that the EU immigration agencies and governments deem eligible for asylum. If you are looking to immigrate to the EU to escape persecution in your home country, you want to make sure that your application for asylum is done correctly the first time. De Micco & Friends is one of only a few law firms in Europe who offer political asylum services.

It is recommendable to hire an attorney to assist with the applications. A De Micco & Friends immigration lawyer who understands the immigration laws and the system will maximize the applicant’s chances of success in the immigration process. The lawyer will help the applicant determine what path to citizenship best fits their situation, identify the paperwork and documentation they will need for that path, and assist the applicant in completing their application and providing all necessary documentation. The immigration lawyer will also assist the asylum seekers with the asylum interview process, and represent them in court.

If you are facing persecution for any reason, you may be eligible for political asylum. An De Micco & Friends immigration attorney from will be able to help answer your questions, provide you with legal advice and help you throughout the application process.

Terms and fees

If you are interested to be represented by our advisors in your political asylum process, we need a mandate about the evaluation of your case. We check your individual situation and match it with the newest legal situation and the immigration possibilities here in Europe.

The result will be a proposal about what is to do and what is the best way to reach the asylum - if an asylum is possible. Please respect that every case is different! For the evaluation we charge a fix fee of 1,000 Euros for individuals and 3,000 for individual investors who like to immigrate by an European investment program.

As we receive hundreds of requests every week, please understand that we can’t answer to single questions by eMail without an evaluation mandate.

If you are seeking political asylum, do not hesitate to contact an immigration attorney from our firm.