Real Estate Lawyers for buyers and sellers in Spain

With more than 1000 executed real estate transactions, LAWYERS & AUDITORS is the leading law firm in Spain for property purchases. We are represented with law and tax offices allover Spain. In Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella, Valencia and the Canary Islands. Whether you are buying or selling a property in Spain, we assist you with English-speaking lawyers and tax advisors and guide you through the whole process. Here you can apply for your individual offer.

Property purchase in Spain can be a very risky business (unclear ownerships, missing licenses…). We strongly recommend contacting us BERFORE signing any contracts! Also, we recommend, to make NO PAYMENTS to anybody. We assist buyers and sellers FREE OF CHARGES until the closing of an option contract.

Here you can apply for your individual offer.

Your real estate lawyers in Spain

LAWYERS & AUDITORS lawyers offer comprehensive legal services regarding both residential and commercial real estate. Our practice encompasses transactional documents, due diligence, valuation, as well as real estate litigation. We assist our clients from the first moment of searching a property until the notarization.

LAWYERS & AUDITORS has co-operations with many leading banks in Spain. If you like to finance your property, we assist you in finding and closing a mortgage with best conditions.

We make you sure that you will receive good, independent legal advice when buying or selling a property in Spain and all Europe. For example, you will need to be advised as to whether any mortgage for the property accrues against the owner or the property itself? Have the Building Regulations been complied with to ensure that the property you are buying is legal? Are there any restrictions or advantages for foreign property purchasers? How will be the tax implications for you - as a buyer as well as a seller of a property?

Also, please don’t forget to consider how buying or selling a property abroad may affect your wealth and inheritance planning. You might find it useful to review the information in our Wills and Wealth Structuring section.

The services

  • Property research
  • Negotiations for buyers
  • Negotiations for sellers
  • Guidance in the all legal and financial processes of buying a property from start to closing
  • Representing you through Power of Attorney during the whole process (if necessary)
  • All real estate transactions (buy, sell, lease, rent)
  • Commercial Properties (buy, sell, lease, rent, transfer, M&A)
  • Property purchase contracts
  • Sales option contracts (never sign it without legal advice!)
  • Managing of trust accounts for pre-payments and sales options
  • Rental and lease contracts
  • Due Diligence for buyer and seller
  • Valuation and risk management
  • All notary and inscription services
  • Tax and other fees declarations for byers and sellers
  • Property Management for owners
  • Property research for commercial and private properties
  • Checking the current state of your property to make sure there are no hidden surprises
  • Real estate litigation
  • Fast and hassle-free transactions

Here you can find all about the procedures of a property purchase in Spain. Here you can apply for your individual offer.

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