real estate purchase in spain
Buy - Sell Real Estate in Spain

Buy and Sell Real Estate in Spain

Spain does meanwhile provide a relatively high amount of legal protection for real estate purchases, but there are still cases in which the buyer has to battle enormous problems or unexpected expenses after the acquisition because certain processes were not adhered to, documents weren't checked or contracts were drafted which include substantial disadvantages for the buyer...

The Case:

Frequent mistakes in real estate purchase deals in Spain

The Goal:

Risk-free purchase of properties in Spain

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Company Formation in Spain

Article - Company Set Up in Spain

All criteria and conditions about the set up of companies and branches in Spain. Company formation for EU and non-EU citizens...

The Case

Company Set Up in Spain

The Goal:

Risk-free and individual solutions for company set ups and structures

Golden visa spain, europe
Immigration - Golden Visa

Article - Golden Visa Program

Immigration to Spain and Europe by "golden visa" for non-EU citizens by investments in Ral Estate, capital markets or companies. Learn more about the general conditions to be eligible for the golden visa.

The Case:

How to immigrate to Spain and Europe by golden visa programs for non-EU citizens

The Goal:

Immigration to Spain

Immigration for entrepreneurs
Immigration to Spain - company set up

Article - Immigration to Spain for entrepreneurs

Spain offers to foreign entrepreneurs residency and work permit. Individuals wishing to reside in Spain and to set up or acquire a company there must apply for a temporary residence permit and a work permit as an entrepreneur...

The Case:

Immigration for Non-EU citizens by set up a business

The Goal:

The rules, costs and the criteria

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Going public in Europe

Article - IPO in Europe

The criteria and conditions about initial public offering in Europe and US. GXG market, Swiss and German Stock Exchange...

The Case:

Going public in Europe for small and medium sized companies

The Goal:

Rules, criteras, fees

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