Negotiation and representation in special situations and missions for companies, VIP's, celebrities and individuals

Resolving special situations, whether it’s business or personal, sometimes requires rapid, specific or unconventional actions.

We represent and support our clients and their interests - in any situation, in any role, in any location and at any time. Special situations are a matter for the boss. Whatever your case, you will get a partner with legal and economic expertise, who will safeguard your interests, who will understand you and who will think like an entrepreneur.

Special cases, which require international action, a lot of business experience, a high degree of creativity or political/diplomatic contacts, will be handled personally by our president.

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What are special situations? How can we support you?

We regard special situations as all those matters in business and in life, which need to be dealt with rapidly, competently and effectively. We include in this things like negotiations, preliminary discussions, agreeing contracts, "negotiation sparring" or delivering messages, decisions, documents or payments. We represent individuals, companies and institutions. In some cases we even taken on the role of the intermediary, for example to find a way forward if systems of communication have broken down.

The location and time are not important

We represent and advise our clients on special cases anywhere in the world and at any time within 12 to 48 hours.

Here are a few examples of special cases we have dealt with:

  • Negotiations for contracts and other situations in any place in the world, at any time
  • Agreeing contracts, certifications, notarizations
  • Mediation/arbitration in disputes and deadlocked situations
  • Crisis negotiation
  • Defending/fighting back against company takeovers or asset stripping
  • Purchase/takeover/sale of companies or shares by third parties
  • Anonymous analyses, investigations, delegations
  • Representing/defending in cases of arrest
  • Using legal action against third parties to prevent damages
  • Advising, representing and negotiating in cases of blackmail or kidnapping
  • Representation for or against international embassies
  • Representation in the event of arbitrary decisions by political or official bodies
  • Local and international investigations
  • Receiving or handing over payments, documents, messages...
  • Identifying and locating people
  • Collecting demands, negotiation
  • Paymaster (trust) services for payments

    Please contact us for further information.
    Phone: +34 871 955 077 | eMail:

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