Tax advisors and accountants for companies and Individuals

LAWYERS & AUDITORS is specialized in advising of foreign, EU and non-EU resident companies and individuals. As a client of our tax advisors you will have access to the international industry and expert knowledge, the Group’s interdisciplinary synergies and to the experience of dynamic key markets, such as Europe, USA, Russia, Africa, Middle East, China, India and South America. You will receive individual, comprehensive and qualified consulting with regard to all areas of national and international commercial tax issues.

With more than 100 company formations per year, LAWYERS & AUDITORS is the leading Spanish law ant tax firm in this sector. Please learn more about our company formation services here.

Tax consulting and accounting services

LAWYERS & AUDITORS provides audit, tax, accounting and consulting services to companies and individuals to help organizations negotiate risks and perform in the dynamic and challenging industries in which they do business.

Among others, the following areas of expertise and industry are represented:

  • General auditing for medium-sized companies and groups according to the different, international billing principles and accounting principles (HGB, US-GAAB, UK-GAAB, IFRS...)
  • Reviewing consolidated and annual financial statements of national and international companies
  • National and international tax consulting services for companies and private clients with large stocks
  • Due diligence processes with IPOs, mergers, consolidations, sales, acquisitions
  • Drafting prospectuses for IPOs, reverse mergers, capital increases, fund prospectuses
  • Business valuations
  • Creating certificates and research
  • Human resources
  • Insolvency management
  • Risk management
  • Monitoring capital market transactions
  • Private clients, tax optimization, portfolio optimization and validation
  • Family businesses and medium-sized businesses
  • Real estate transactions, tax issues
  • Restructuring, reorganization
  • Regulation of business financing
  • Corporate compliance...


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