Send money overseas easily & securely and beat bank exchange rates. For money transfers De Micco & Friends closed a startegic partnership with a UK regulated company for our clients. If you need to make foreign mortgage repayments, buy a foreign property, pay utility bills or school fees, transfer your pension or send money to your country on a frequent basis, you can use the service for special conditions.

The services

Especially in international real estate transactions our clients use this services to safe costs.

  • Proerty purchase or sales revenues
  • Regular Payments (foreign mortgage repayments, pay utility bills, fees, transfer your pensions...
  • Spot Transactions (Urgent payments: Currencies are exchanged on the spot, with the best exchange rate at the time)
  • Forward Contracts (if you don’t want to worry about market fluctuations and prefer to budget ahead knowing how much you’d pay in sterling, AED or or US $: fix a rate up to two years ahead before you have to send or receive the currency.
  • Limit Orders (if you don’t have payment deadlines: choose the rate at which you’d prefer to exchange. If the rate becomes available, wewill automatically purchase the currency for you.


Here you get special conditions and your free quote for money transfers.

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