Hostage rescue and blackmailer negotiations

De Micco & Friends accepts assignments to consult in the recovery of kidnapped executives and family members. We ensure a speedy and efficient process when and if a kidnap occurs. In the most cases a fresh, focused approach can resolve issues and bring stalled negotiations to a successful conclusion. Contact us, if you need urgent support.

Special cases, which require international action, a lot of negotiation experience, a high degree of creativity will be handled personally by our president.

Our experiences

De Micco & Friends negotiators have secured multi-party agreement in complex, international negotiations between corporations, assisted with mergers and buyouts, and negotiated complex labor-management agreements. Our negotiation experts have negotiated face to face with heavily armed hostage takers and secured the release of the hostages unharmed. In other cases, professional extortionists have had their best laid plans thwarted by De Micco & Friends active measures.

The location and time are not important

We represent and advise our clients on special cases anywhere in the world and at any time within 12 to 48 hours.

Our president has spent 20 years bargaining with kidnappers and blackmailers – and he's never lost a hostage. "The secret, he says, are communicational skills, gut instinct and creativity."

Blackmail defense and negotiations

Our criminal law team includes specialists in all areas of criminal investigations and police advice. De Micco & Friends co-operates very close to institutions such as Interpol, Europol, FBI and local authorities in several countries like Africa, Russia, Middle East and Latin America. Our reputation is based on over 20 years of providing quality advice and representation to our clients, protecting their rights and interests, holding the authorities to account and striving for best results.

Allegations of blackmail or extortion made as a result of perceived threats and intimidation can lead to a great deal of alarm and distress irrespective of whether you are the alleged perpetrator or the victim. Should you find yourself the victim of extortion or are accused of making threatening communications towards someone, you should seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

We can advise on the nature of the communications and assess whether they actually amount to blackmail. By getting involved at the beginning, we are often able to deal with the matter quickly and discreetly, dispensing with the need for the police to be notified and criminal proceedings brought. If the matter has already been notified to the police, we will ensure that we have all the information necessary to advise you on the best course of action from responding to enquiries to providing detailed strategic and pragmatic advice on how to manage the allegation.


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