Litigation with a total different approach

Many law firms are proud to represent big, leading companies in litigation cases. Some of their clients are global players like banks, insurances, industry leaders...

The De Micco & Friends policy is totally different! We don't address litigation and lawsuit mandates from the "big ones" - but we fight for the rights of companies and individuals against them.

De Micco & Friends manages damage compensation claims between 50 K and 500 M Euros. And we love winning!

We fight for your rights and justice

We agree to represent people in whose causes we passionately believe, we forge close bonds with you as our client and are proud to have achieved outstanding results for them with truly uncommon consistency. As one of the most successful civil rights law firms, De Micco & Friends is dedicated to seek justice for those whose civil rights have been violated.

We take a part of the risk

Litigation against a big company or institution can be very expensive. That is why many individuals or companies as plaintiffs hesitate to enforce their rights.

Our advice and service aims to be straightforward and clear. We have developed a team of market leading lawyers, supported by strength and depth at senior levels, so we can offer outstanding, practical and effective advice.

To make the fight for justice against a “big one” possible, in many cases we take a part of the risk. Usually we charge only an initial fix fee to cover a part of the initial costs:

  • Case study with all documents and facts
  • Legal and financial valuation of opportunities and risks
  • Development of a strategy
  • Last extrajudicial negotiation with counterpart
  • Placement of the claim at courts

The fix fee depends by the complexity and the volume of the case. If we win your case or if we get a good agreement, we charge a success fee between 5 and 30%.

The next step - case valuation

We offer to our clients a first step case valuation. Please explain your case as detailed as possible by using the enquiry form and send it to office @ We will come back to you as soon as possible with a concept and a quote. This first step case valuation is free of charges.  

Please contact us for further information.
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