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small scale on heightening in the courtroomDe Micco & Friends acts as a lead consultant (legal, financial, tax, due diligence) in international M&A transactions, managing and organising such transactions for institutional investors and companies, both on the buyer and the seller side.

For interested buyers of companies, and offerors of strategic participation or joint ventures, a targeted search and an analysis is made of suitable candidates, after which their acquisition is prepared. An individual and informative sales and communications concept is developed for sellers of companies or offerors of participation.


The acquisition of a company offers certain advantages over organic growth. You can achieve a significant size of the market by targeted, strategic acquisitions and thus secure a significant competitive advantage. Furthermore, good acquisitions facilitate a significant entry to a new field of commercial activity, opening up new markets or launching the strategic globalisation of your company.


  • De Micco & Friends, as your representative, earns its fee largely depending on the success it achieves and thus assumes a part of the project risk.
  • During the whole process you can continue to focus on your business operations. For De Micco & Friends takes charge of the time-consuming and work-intensive processes.
  • You benefit from the experience of the many M&A group transactions. All the senior partners of De Micco & Friends are entrepreneurs with strong communication skills.
  • De Micco & Friends cooperates internationally with competent investors who may be involved in your project.
  • De Micco & Friends is known to be a competent, experienced consultancy and a reliable partner in the international capital market. This gives your project a higher status from the outset with potential purchase candidates and investors.
  • De Micco & Friends is a dynamic committed group which is continually growing. As a client you benefit from a powerful and very flexible international network of competent experts.
  • Due to their many activities at trade shows, conferences and online portals, and its prominent and committed research team, De Micco & Friends always has access to interesting purchase candidates in the most varied market sectors.

For further information about the services for buyers and investors please read the brochure "M&A BUY Site".

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