Holding/Trust Structures and Offshore Services

De Micco & Friends law firm provides legal advice in the corporate and commercial spheres for companies, company groups and commercial establishments. It also handles the maintenance of companies’ and holdings` legal and corporate structures, providing legal advice on corporate transactions.

Holding/Trust Structur

Our international clients seek strong, stable and legal asset holding structures and are facing challenges from increasingly assertive tax authorities around the world. To assist us, the firm has offices in a number of strategically important partners including Singapore, Moscow, Abu Dhabi/Dubai, Hong Kong, Zurich and Frankfurt. In addition, we have a strong non-exclusive panel of approximately 100 market leading preferred firms around the world with whom we work. This combination provides clients with high quality legal advice, extensive worldwide coverage and the flexibility to select excellent local lawyers.

Offshore Services

  • Business Strategy
  • Offshore Company Formation
  • Offshore Banking
  • S.W.O.T. analysis
  • Pre-investment feasibility studies and competitive background assessments
  • Business plan research, writing and production
  • Strategy definition and implementation
  • Reworking of operating processes for international suitability
  • Industrial partnership scouting and matching
  • Restructuring and definition of business model tailored to the market environment, the jurisdiction and the local authorities requirements

Here you can learn more about protection of assets and management of blocked funds from off-shore areas.

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