Your VAT tax representative in Spain for EU and non-EU companies

Get your Spanish tax and EORI numbers and start importing and exporting. Foreign companies can trade with the same advantages and benefits as a Spanish company.

Your VAT tax representative ein Spain

De Micco & Friends represents EU and non-EU residnet clints as tax representative in Spain. As a foreign company you will need to designate your tax representative before you start any trading operations that are subject to tax in Spain.

As authorized tax representatives, we are the partner of our clients in Spain and represent them in their dealings with the Spanish tax authorities. Our aim to is to promote mutual understanding between customers, suppliers and the tax authorities, bringing the client's logistics, customs and tax operations together under one roof, and freeing our clients up from the red tape of Spanish administrative formalities.


In the following cases companies need a tax representative in Spain:

  • Non-EU- businesses that pay VAT in Spain and want to request a VAT refund
  • EU- and Non-EU- Business: Distance selling and online-business: Sales originating in other member states made to unidentified recipients in the VAT territory and sent to the Spanish mainland or the Balearic Islands, taking into account the legally established thresholds.
  • EU and Non-EU-Businesses that wish to trade via a permanent establishment (PE) for VAT registration purposes in Spain.

Our services are used by Non-Spanish companies aiming to broaden their business horizons and looking to set up their goods distribution centre in Spain under the same conditions as Spanish companies.

  • Importing to Spain from other countries
  • Exporting from Spain to EU countries
  • Exporting from Spain to non-EU countries


As your representative in your dealings with the Spanish tax authorities, De Micco & Friends advise and offer to it'ss clients tax solutions tailored to their logistics and customs operations.

  • Reducing the tax and administrative red tape making it easier to obtain your Spanish tax number.
  • Representing in your dealings with the tax authorities.
  • Taking care for all administrative red tape.
  • Advising as soon as you start trading in Spain.
  • We take the hassle out of your dealings with the Spanish Tax Agency, making your business run more smoothly.
  • We make sure your trading operations are carried out in line with Spanish tax laws.

Our tax management Services

  • Obtain EORI registration.
  • Obtain Spanish tax number or VAT number.
  • Submit VAT returns (monthly or quarterly), and process VAT refunds, compensation and payments.
  • Submit Intrastat declarations.
  • Receive correspondence from the Spanish tax and customs agencies on your behalf, dealing with any issues arising with the Spanish authorities to defend your interests.

The first step

To start your tax return activities in Spain you need a Spanish tax number (NIF, VAT-number). You can apply and order your VAT-number easy and for good conditions by using the following form.

Further information about Spanish registration numbers

The first step in doing private or comercial businesses in Spain

Everyone who conducts private or commercial business activities in Spain needs a Spanish identification number (NIF, CIF or NIE). The Spanish identification number is a form of identification used for a range of financial and legal transactions such as opening a bank account, setup a company, buying or selling shares, applications for residency or getting a driving license. Spanish tax numbers are issued by the Ministry of the Interior of Spain. There are three types of Spanish tax number issued. Spanish registration numbers are essential so that the Spanish Tax Agency can accurately calculate the fiscal responsibilities of everyone doing business in Spain. Even in cases where it is not obligatory for Spanish citizens to have ID (e.g. children aged under 14), a Spanish tax number will be needed if financial transactions are carried out.

The application of a NIF, CIF or NIE HAS NO TAX IMPLICATIONS, as long as the applicant is not doing active businesses in Spain and the number is not activated at the Spanish tax authorities!

1. NIF (Número de Identificación Fiscal)

Foreign companies which like to do business in Spain have to apply for a NIF. In particular, and among other cases, a N.I.F. must be applied for when a foreign company makes a direct investment in Spain or in the case of a shareholder or director of an entity located in Spain or of a foreign entity's permanent establishment located in Spain.

2. CIF (fomer Codico de Identificación Fiscal)

The C.I.F. was the tax ID for all companies registered in Spain. It consists of a letter followed by 8 digits (BXXXXXXXX). The letter represents the type of company (e.g. Spanish SL company BXXXXXXXX or Spanish SA AXXXXXXXX). This number also served as a Spanish VAT number. In fact, the CIF doesn't exist anymore. Since 2008 the Spanish identification number is the NIF.

3. NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero)

Foreign EU and non-EU individuals who like to do a business in Spain (property purchase, application for residency, inheritance inscription, applications for loans or mortgages, renting contracts, closing a employment contract, opening bank accounts... need a NIE number. Individuals can apply and order the NIE here.

4. Spanish VAT number (Número IVA)

If a Spanish company or branch applied for intracommunity VAT exemption and the company has been approved, then this number will be listed in the EU VAT registry. The VAT number makes possible to issue invoices without VAT.

5. Spanish digital certificate (certificado digital)

With the digital certificate, the Spanish government offers an easy and fast way to guarantee communications between companies, citizens, institutions and public administrations like tax authorities and the social security office. The digital certificate is available for natural persons as well as companies and associations. Different types of formalities that can be done with the digital certificate depend on the different administrations (state, autonomic and local levels). The application of a digital certificate is INCLUDED in your NIF/CIF online application!

6. DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad)

This is the ID number for Spanish citizens only. The same number is used for one's driver's license and tax applications.

7. Social Security Number (Número seguridad social)

Individuals apply for this number when they close an employment contract in Spain. This number then stays with the individual for all subsequent jobs. Also self-employed individuals have to apply for the social security number. Please learn more about self-employed individuals, relocation and immigration to Spain here.

8. The fees

The Spanish VAT declaration has to be done quarterly. We offer the fillings and declarations for a fix fee, starting with 300,- Euro.


How to apply for a Spanish tax/identification and VAT-number?

The Spanish NIF/CIF you can order here. The Spanish NIE for individuals you can order here.


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