The Global Family Office

De Micco & Friends offers a care service for high-net-worth individuals and their families extending far beyond conventional investment advice and management. We call it the Global Family Office. Whereas the traditional asset manager and multi-family office rely on external consultants for legal, tax and financial matters, as a client of De Micco & Friends’ Global Family Office you have the benefit of services from a single source, across the world - operating with absolute discretion.

A different concept

We have developed a concept that is second to none in providing consultation and support. The Global Family Office takes into account the growing needs of our clients created by the globalisation of business processes and the investment climate. In contrast to independent family offices or family offices attached to a bank, we do not ask our clients about their assets or their investment volume, instead we ask what they need. Nor do we charge fees or commission on the basis of their assets, we charge only for services actually provided.

De Micco & Friends Global Family Office assists individuals and intergenerational families in protecting, growing and managing assets.

Why do our clients choose De Micco & Friends?

There are always legal, tax and financial aspects to managing, growing and protecting assets. And organisational and management skill is required too, not to say entrepreneurial thinking.

As one of the leading international law firms and tax consultancies, De Micco & Friends offers all services under a single roof. Our clients benefit from the qualifications and experience of our lawyers, international tax and financial experts – services which other financial investment businesses only offer as external consultation. In this way, professional quality, client access and maximum discretion are guaranteed.

Our Family Office clients

Among De Micco & Friends’ Family Office clients number international personalities and families of all nationalities. Their wealth is often distributed internationally and diversified in the form of property, financial assets, shareholdings or art collections.

Many clients have luxury items, such as vehicle fleets, yachts, airplanes, or holiday homes, which we also look after. Our clients also include well-known and high-profile public figures from industry, entertainment and politics, as well as very reclusive people and their families who place great value on privacy and maximum discretion. In addition, we assist and represent former politicians who are moving from the public to private sector.

The assets of our clients range from 5 million to several billion US$. As we do not charge asset-based fees and all our services can be obtained as and when needed, many middle-income families and family businesses use our Family Office.

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