Auditors & Tax Advisors

The auditors und tax advisors at De Micco & Friends have a special responsibility in their work for the running of your company – they create transparency and security, helping to identify risks at an early stage and providing support in developing practice-based and innovative solutions.

The Auditors and Accountants

Integrity and entrepreneurial thinking, experience and creativity: we set the highest standards for every accountant and tax advisor in the group. The partners and senior partners at D&F AUDITORS are experienced economists specialising in capital market transactions, mergers & acquisitions, auditing, appraisals, due diligence and of course financial reporting in compliance with a range of standards (HGB, US-GAAB, UK-GAAB, IFRS... ). All the partners have amassed a considerable range of expertise in providing support for small, mid-size and large companies.

With its many branches and partners, De Micco & Friends is a global player in a range of countries. Each regional branch is nonetheless always composed of dynamic and flexible teams of consultants.

As a client, you thus have the benefit of the competence and connections of an international organisation combined with the greatest degree of personal support – at considerably more agreeable rates that with comparable large agencies.

The Clients

As a De Micco & Friends client you will have access to our cross-border expertise in a range of disciplines and sectors as well as the experience of our partners and staff.

Many of our clients operate on a global scale and are multi-cultural entities. As an internationally operating company with a broad portfolio of services, we employ experts from a wide range of specialisms and nationalities. Individuality and international orientation are not just essential components of our corporate culture, they are expressly sought after. Our global network of partners and senior partners means that we operate internationally but are always available for you locally.

In addition to the mid-size and large companies who make use of the services provided by De Micco & Friends, there are also private individuals and smaller firms – whether for property transactions, asset management or tax questions, you will have access to the expert skills and transactional experience of De Micco & Friends auditors.

You will receive sound, comprehensive and individual support in all aspects of national and international accounting as well as every conceivable tax matter. Close cooperation with De Micco & Friends Lawyers ensures that no legal questions go unresolved.

The Cosultancy Principle

Wherever your focus and in whichever sector you operate,  the experts De Micco & Friends AUDITORS can offer a full range of services for every aspect of financial, planning and commercial accounting matters – as well as questions of national and international taxation, of course. Whether you are a mid-size firm concentrating on your local markets or a listed company with an international reach and thus subject to strict trading floor regulations – you can rely on us to provide the perfect solution from the best experts.

Your advantages

Trust must be earned
Business and tax consultancy is always a matter of trust. But we wouldn’t like to insist that our clients trust in the quality of the service and the integrity of our staff from the start, however; we would just like the chance to win that trust by successfully implementing projects and transactions. Put us to the test!

Enterprise advice from conviction
Our accountants and tax advisors always work pro-actively and react flexibly and quickly. We don't just identify risks and “crunch numbers”, we invariably provide clear recommendations for action as a matter of course. All advice and transactional support is closely aligned with your own individual objectives. You can always expect our partners and senior partners to understand and be well-informed about your business.

International orientation and stability
Thanks to the inter-disciplinary cooperation between the international De Micco & Friends branches, with their accountants, tax advisors, lawyers, capital market and property experts all under one roof, the group has a unique wealth of experience which you as a group client can make use of on a local, national or international scale.

Speed as a component of success
Short and direct pathways can be crucial for the timely and efficient implementation of projects. To ensure these, your personal advisor will always be available.

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