The Global Family Office - Our Concept

Our Family Office philosophy

1. Integrity is paramount

It is a secret no more. Many asset managers offer - or rather sell - their customers financial products, property or other products and services, and collect commission from the sellers. De Micco & Friends is not a financial broker, not a property or insurance broker, and neither is it a recruitment agency! We are committed to representing your interests only. Commissions from third parties are not compatible with the professional integrity our clients expect. We do, of course, negotiate with agents, brokers, banks and other providers, to achieve the best conditions for you. We also recommend providers with whom we have had good experience. But we do not accept payment from these providers. That is what we mean by integrity.

2. Pro-active management, rather than administration

We take the concept of "family" very literally. Our consultants normally work hand-in-hand with our clients. We do not see ourselves as administrators of assets, but pro-active managers and doers, creative consultants and - if required - also as a sparring partner for our clients.

3. Finding solutions

Another corner stone of our philosophy is solution guidance. All employees and partners of our group are committed to serving the needs of our clients. Thoroughness, professionalism and speed stand at forefront of our services. Our clients have referred to us as a "charismatic law firm with high integrity". We achieve this through creative and sometimes unconventional solutions, if and when the situation so requires.

4. A different fee-for-services model

We calculate our fees based on transactions, in other words, services actually provided! In contrast to conventional asset managers and multi family offices, we calculate our fees as fixed prices, based on the volume of assets managed. In this way, our invoicing system is entirely transparent and calculable. For long-term services, such as the management of national and international property portfolios, we charge a standard fee agreed with you.

Objectives and priorities of our clients

Every case, every life plan and every business is different. That's why we offer individualised concepts. Many assets have grown over the years. What is often lacking are no new investments, but a clear, controllable and tax-optimised structure. Particularly for international properties, you have a partner in De Micco & Friends who has proximity to more than 500 lawyers; tax, financial and property experts who can advise or actively represent you. Once wealth structure is optimised, stability and security is guaranteed for today's generation and future generations.

Other clients are already in a good place with their assets and require only minimal support, e.g. in the management of their property portfolio, property acquisition, an investment or a one-off project somewhere in the world.

Talk to us about your intentions - and we will offer you a good solution.

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