Pablo Picasso 1st. artwork "Los Payasos" on the market now



The artwork

  • Painter: Pablo Picasso
  • Created: 1900
  • Documentation: several attestations by experts, chemical analysis...
  • Location: Europe
  • Seller: Individual, Family Office client of LAWYERS & AUDITORS
  • Price: negotiable

Pablo Picasso artwork Los Payasos

Deal structure and procedures for buyers

  • Mandate: exclusive by LAWYERS & AUDITORS
  • Offer by buyer with letter of intent (anonymous offers not accepted)
  • Proof of capital
  • Visit, surveying (the picture will NOT be transported, The assessment must take place at the location of the artwork (Europe)
  • Option purchase contract (LOI)
  • Funds transfer structuring
  • Purchase and delivery
  • Price: offers welcome
  • Brokers: welcome


Art Lawyers in Spain

Specialist services range from advice on sale, purchase, loan, consignment and financing of art to exploitation and protection of copyright and cultural heritage issues. LAWYERS & AUDITORS has established an extensive international network of art world contacts and a close association with other specialist art lawyers worldwide. Our history of successes in high profile, politically sensitive matters reflects an ability to act swiftly and with the utmost discretion. We make you sure that you will receive good, independent legal advice when buying or selling arts.

The art law services

  • Representation of art sellers
  • Representation of art buyers
  • Due Diligence, art Valuation and verification
  • Dispute resolution in cases of defective title, provenance, authenticity and attribution
  • Art related aspects of estate, wills, trusts and tax issues
  • Advising on criminal and fraud aspects of art, including fakes, forgeries, money laundering and art theft
  • Advising on cultural heritage property claims, including spoliation and restitution.
  • Exploitation and protection of copyright and other intellectual property rights including Droit de Suite
  • Art import, export and movement
  • Art Insurance
  • Art Sale, purchase loan and consignment
  • Advice on Auctions Law including third party claims and auctioneers responsibilities
  • Representation at auctions
  • Funds transfer and structuring


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