De Micco & Friends in Teheran

De Micco & Friends is one of the first leading, international law firms which offers legal, audit and financial services in Iran. Our lawyers, auditors, bankers, and financial experts represent institutional as well as private investors, family offices, asset management firms, funds and banks. Leading European companies use our Iranian group for all kind of transactions and developments:

  • Financial services, banks, funds, asset management, family offices, stock exchanges, brokers...
  • Tourism industry, hotel chains, hotel investors
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Real Estate investors and developers
  • Insurance firms
  • Trading BtoB as well consumer goods
  • Luxury goods industry
  • Software and Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Professional Service industry
  • Infrastructure (Energy, technology, transport...)

Services of our team in Teheran

In the teams of De Micco & Friends always work international experts from all over the world together with local people who know the market, the culture and the mentality of their country and who use an excellent local network in the industry, education and politics. This multicultural philosophy guaranty to our international as well as to our local clients the best service, competence and solutions.

The De Micco & Friends Teheran Team offers all legal services of an international full-service law firm.

  • Representation of local and foreign investors in Iran (Real Estate, Merger & Acquisitions, capital market investors)
  • Representation of Iranian companies, investors and individuals in Europe
  • Representation of European companies, investors and individuals in Iran
  • Capital placements, escrow, paymaster and trust
  • Iranian Capital Market licensing (applications and fillings)
  • Merger & Acquisitions (sell site and buy site)
  • Oil and Gas contracting
  • Due Diligence Services
  • Director services
  • Company setup, structuring and business development for all industries
  • Bilateral communication and business development Europe/Iran
  • Company - and business set up, company foundation in Iran and Europe
  • Real Estate Law, all types of transactions (buy, sell, rent, lease)
  • Immigration to Europe, Golden Visa
  • Civil law, Family Law, Crime Law
  • Local and international company law
  • Local and foreign litigation...

Iran Economic Overview and Opportunities

Iran is the second largest economy in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia with an estimated nominal GDP of $397bn in 2015. It has the second largest population in the Middle East after Egypt with around 80 million people. Over 60% are estimated to be under 30 years old and the workforce is highly educated.

EU trade with Iran currently stands at around $8bn and is expected to quadruple in the next 2 years. Contact a UKTI Iran export adviser for a free consultation if you are interested in exporting to Iran. Iran’s economy is currently reliant on the oil and gas sector, though the country is looking to diversify its economy.

Iran also possesses significant agricultural, industrial and service sectors. Iran has the second largest gas reserves in the world and fourth largest oil reserves. It has highlighted its desire to increase oil output to 1bn barrels per day in 2016. The main imports to Iran are non-electrical machinery, iron and steel, chemicals and related products, transport vehicles, electrical machinery, tools and appliances.

The Iranian Government is keen to attract foreign investment, with foreign direct investment needed across all major economic sectors. Over a trillion $ of investment in infrastructure is likely to be needed over the next 10 years. Key opportunities will also include the energy sector, automotive and airline manufacturing sectors. There may be an increased demand for consumer goods such as electronics and clothing.

Opportunities for European and international businesses in Iran

Iran has opportunities in most sectors and these are likely to grow as the market in Iran expands. Iran will now be able to trade more freely with the rest of the world. This offers international companies and individual investors an opportunity to engage in the biggest new market to re-enter the global economy in decades. The European governments fully support expanding their trade relationships with Iran and encourages EU businesses to take advantage of the commercial opportunities that will arise.


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