$ 10 Billion Class Action Lawsuit against Authorities and Institutions

Incorrect Treatment for Infants Having Fatal Consequences

New York, Brussels. The biggest class action in the history of medical malpractice is prepared by more than 500 victims until now. The action is directed against various institutions and authorities in the US and Europe. The background is the treatment of infants with respiratory problems or interruptions immediately after birth. By following various recommendations and regulations, the treating physician was not supposed to ventilate an infant immediately with oxygen, but to wait up to 10 minutes with the ventilation and take other measures. In several researches it is proven that the mechanic respiration in these situations is not sufficient.

This resulted in thousands of cases worldwide, in death or substantial consequential damage for infants due to lack of oxygen supply to the brain. The renowned New York paediatrician Debasis Kanjilal who now brought the case in motion has been pointing to that for several years, but found no ear to listen to his findings either by the competent authorities, the medical associations, or the President of the United States, Barack Obama. Now a class action has been initiated to "finally eliminate this scandalous maladministration..." the experienced paediatrician said, and damage was claimed for the victims, or their parents.

The amount of compensation shall be estimated today at about US $ 10 billion. As of today, the class action is being filed in American and European courts. The defendants will be Informed shortly before the actual filing of the class action. The plaintiffs are represented in the US and Europe by the international law firm De Micco & Friends that is responsible for the case. Parents whose children were victims of the described treatment failure may be declared under the description of their personal case at the Law Firm and may participate in the class action. Up to several thousand participants are expected by the summer, where the complaints are to be filed by the courts.

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