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Your Business in Spain

2020 Newsletter - Latest News and Updates

Company formation in Spain
De Micco & Friends is the leading law and tax firm for company formation, incorporation and company administration in Spain. We offer safe, legal approved company formation as well as ready-to-use, pre-formed shelfs with full structure, tax number, a real address and active bank accounts.
Taxes are made low by hand
Tax advisor for foreigners
De Micco & Friends provides tax consulting and accounting to foreign companies and individuals. De Micco & Friends represents EU and non-EU residnet clints as tax representative in Spain. As a foreign company you will need to designate your tax representative before you start any trading operations that are subject to tax in Spain.
Asset relocation
Wealth relocation from offshore

Save your business, wealth, assets and blocked funds in off-shore locations by relocation FROM OFF-SHORE TO ON-SHORE: The “OFF-SHORE ASSET AND WEALTH SAVING CONCEPT”. It's time to act!

Asset Protection & Relocation
Asset relocation from crisis zones
Save your wealth business and assets by relocation and diversification of your asset locations Protection of wealth and assets through structuring and international asset transfers. De Micco & Friends helps also in crisis and war zones.






Debt collection
Debt collection in Spain
Whenever you do business with companies at home or abroad, there is always the risk that your customer does not pay. Your customers in Spain are not different. Due to the economic situation in many countries, the ratings for non-payment have risen tremendously. If you are faced with this situation, we can assist you! De Micco & Friends Lawyers are experts in debt recovery in Spain from any company or individual.
Litigation in Spain
Litigation and arbitation

We fight for your rights and justice! We represent people in whose causes we passionately believe, we forge close bonds with you as our client and are proud to have achieved outstanding results for them with truly uncommon consistency. As one of the most successful civil rights law firms, De Micco & Friends is dedicated to seek justice for those whose civil rights have been violated.

We love to win!

Be a partner
To be partner at De Micco & Friends

The concept of the De Micco & Friends Group combines the business units private and corporate legal advise, tax advice and auditing, by gathering experienced experts under one roof and one brand.

This business model creates unique synergies for clients as well as the partners involved. As a partner you not only have access to the expert knowledge and experience of a highly qualified and well-established team, but you also have the opportunity to operate and expand your own service offerings by using the common resources at significantly lower costs...

Dr. Ulrich Winkler
Developing an Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Dr. Ulrich Winkler inspires, informs and prepares leaders to take the right actions in the age of extremes. He does this through writing, individual coaching, training groups, facilitating workshops and keynotes at public and in-house conferences.The major changes we are facing over the next years and decades hold enormous promise and opportunity. At the same time, they also pose the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced. MEGATRENDS ACADEMIY - inspire, inform, prepare.


man points at digital world map
We represent and support our clients and their interests - in any situation, in any role, in any location and at any time. Special situations are a matter for the boss. Whatever your case, you will get a partner with legal and economic expertise, who will safeguard your interests, who will understand you and who will think like an entrepreneur.
Special cases, which require international action, a lot of business experience, a high degree of creativity or political/diplomatic contacts, will be handled personally by our president.

Private Placement Program Trading

Fraud protection and defence

As an experienced team of economists, lawyers and bankers specialized in the financial sector, De Micco & Friends is one of a small number of law firms which provide qualified assistance and consulting in Private Placement Programs (PPP). More than twenty years of experience in private and public financial transactions makes the group a good partner for investors, institutions and banks.
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