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Important Information for new paymaster clients


As all funds transfer operations, paymaster services are worldwide regulated by national and international rules, regulations, governments and financial institutions. De Micco & Friends has trained and certified compliance lawyers and economists which represent sender and receiver of funds in international paymaster and escrow transactions. The volume of our mandates is between 500,000 US$ and more than 1,0 B US$ per transaction.  

As the leading paymaster attorney in Europe, we get hundreds of inquiries every week. Please understand, that we cannot respond to every single, individual question for free by eMail. For new clients we have to analyse BY LAW every new case before we can make a serious offer or present a structure.

We get many requests from new clients who in fact are victims of scams. To protect you against further damages or crime investigations by authorities against you, we strongly recommend, to use our analysis service, before signing contracts or paying any fees to unknown parties.     

This analysis includes the following services and results:

  • sorting and study of all related documents
  • study of the transaction related contracts
  • scam check: verification of the involved parties and the documents
  • resume with an offer about a deal structure and quotes for the transaction
  • drafting of a paymaster contract with all involved parties  

The fix fee for a new case analysis is 2,000 Euro. We deliver your individual analysis within 3-5 working days.  In urgent cases, you get your analysis within 24 hours. The fix fee for a 24 hours analysis is 3,000 Euro.
If you agree the procedures and conditions, you can pay the analysis fee here:
We will come back to you within 24 hours after receiving the payment.

Please find all furher information, requirements, contract templates fees and costs about our paymaster services here:

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