Anti-Scam Lawyers - Legal representation for victims

Representation of victims of cyber-criminality

Victims of online fraud of any kind, where a loss of at least € 50,000 has arisen, may now be represented by our firm at a flat rate. In cooperation with our colleagues who represent you in the countries concerned, we offer the following services:

  • Evaluation of the case (Is there a case of fraud? Can damage be invoked?)
  • Determining the identity and the whereabouts of the perpetrators
  • Lodging a complaint against the perpetrators
  • Claim compensation or repayment of sums looted

Costs, Terms and Fees

Our firm offers flat rate fees for representing victims of cybercrime; the following are determined by the amount of losses:

Damage Amount: Flat Rate Fee: Success fee
50,000 to 100,000 € 10,000 € 10 %
100,000 to 200,000 € 15,000 € 8 %
200,000 to 500,000 € 25,000 € 7 %
over 500,000 € 45,000 € 6 %
(all prices + VAT)

To represent your case, we need from you the following data and documents:

1. Your full name and address
2. If available, all data of the alleged fraudster (someone names, addresses, email addresses, recipient of funds)
3. Often the paid by the aggrieved differ from the sums claimed by person receiving the money. If available, we need all the information about the person receiving the money
4. Description of your case
5. Evidence in the form of emails, possibly contracts concluded
6. Information on how and where you learned about the sender or scammer, messages (spam mail, portals, social networking sites, like LinkedIn, Facebook or voice-over-IP communication means such as Skype, WhatsApp ...)
7. Proof of payment to the scammer (transfer receipts, Western Union payments ...)
8. Copy of your passport
9. Written mandate for representing you
10. Power of attorney
11. Proof of payment of the consultancy fee (PayPal, credit card, bank transfer)

Terms and conditions

De Micco & Friends commission as a law firm is to safeguard the interests of the client. De Micco & Friends is entitled to forward the case to contractually certified lawyer colleagues to follow it anywhere in the world and be able to pass all the data of the clients to the appointed attorney. The client expressly acknowledges that, for the cases where an accusation would not be accepted by the local authorities, an investigation or compensation would not be conducted, or not successfully enforced, he has no right to a refund of the paid fees. The following services are included in the agreed paid fee:

1. Examination of the legal facts
2. Or lodging a complaint, provided that the necessary legal bases exist
3. Extrajudicial enforcement of the damages incurred. In the flat fee no procedural costs for civil lawsuits are expressly included.

I agree that my case will be published by De Micco & Friends, without giving my identity, on their website and in any media.

Order by PayPal, Credit Card:

After receipt of payment, our lawyers will contact you immediately. In cases where is no prospect of success (identification and prosecution of offenders) the paid fee will be refund minus the evaluation fee about 500, - Euro.

Pay by Paypal or Creditcard.

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