The Lawyers:

De Micco & Friends is a full service law and audit firm represented by more than 300 associated lawyers and auditors. In Spain, like Palma de Mallorca (headquarter), Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, Valencia, Bilbao, Oviedo, Sevilla and the Canary Islands offer English, German and Spanish lawyers and tax advisors legal support to companies and individuals. We offer legal services, audit and tax advice at the highest level and on good terms. The initial consultation is always free of charge. Check us out!


The Auditors

The auditor's services are divided into the business units Audit, Tax and Advisory. We have established special units for significant sectors, industry and growth markets as well as for small and medium-sized companies. The interdisciplinary approach of D&F AUDITORS and D&F LAWYERS provides you with optimal solutions for individual issues.


The Group

The De Micco & Friends Group is a consultancy and transaction company focused on the implementation of capital market and merger & acquisitions transactions for medium-sized and larger firms. The group’s core strategy is based on a partnership concept through which experts from the fields of investment banking, M&A, law, auditing and real estate experts join De Micco & Friends with a view to synergetic growth.

The legal services


Tax advice


The group


Award: Best Real Estate Law Firm Spain

Award Winner: Best Real Estate Law Firm in Spain

De Micco & Friends Lawyers is the winner of the Award "Best law Firm in Spain. Our group was selected from more than 5000 nominations. We are very proud to get one more confirmation by receiving this honorable award from Finance Monthly for or work, for our understanding of quality and for the service philosophy of our group. We say thank you very much to all our clients, our staff and the readers of Finance Monthly which have voted for the people of De Micco & Friends!

  • Best client service
  • Best website
  • Best documentation
  • Fast reactions
  • Ammount of transactions
  • Good conditions
  • High competence
Class Action Lawsuit "OXYGEN"

Mandate about $ 10 Billion Class Action Lawsuit "OXYGEN"

By a wrong treatment in the case of respiratory problems or interruptions immediately after birth thousands of infants die every year or suffer strong helath consequences! The plaintiffs are represented in the US and Europe by the law firm De Micco & Friends that is responsible for the case...

  • Information for victims
  • Application forms
  • Factsheets
  • Press releases
  • Experts forum
  • Conditions
  • Procedures
Sell & buy real estate in Spain

Real Estate Purchase in Spain:

Spain does meanwhile provide a relatively high amount of legal protection for real estate purchases, but there are still cases in which the buyer has to battle enormous problems or unexpected expenses after the acquisition because certain processes were not adhered to, documents weren't checked or contracts were drafted which include substantial disadvantages for the buyer...

  • Information for buyers
  • Information for sellers
  • The procedures
  • Due Diligence
  • Costs, Tax and fees
  • Notarisation
  • After Sales procedures...
De Micco - cybercrime lawyers Spain
Defending cybercrime victims

War against Cybercrime

De Micco & Friends defents victims of cibercrime scams against scammers world wide. We co-operate very close with internet providers, local authoities, Interpol and the FBI. Cybercrime is a serious accusation which can send a person to prison for years. An attorney experienced in the world of cybercrime has some choices when it comes to choosing a defense...

  • Representing of victims
  • Damage recovering
  • Local investigations
  • Local representation
  • Against scammers
  • Fix fees for victims

Client Testimonials:

To get legal, financial and accounting service under one roof is a big advantage which offers De Micco & Friends. Qualified and experienced experts helped us to get best results in our last real estate transaction.


The lawers and auditors of De Micco & Friends did an optimal company setup in Spain including the construction of a complex and tax optimized holding structure for our group. Perfect job!


De Micco & Friends employs lawyers, attorneys, auditors and real estate experts who work hand in hand. This offers you  concentrated know-how for almost all types of business and legal cases.

The services:

> Real Estate Transactions
> Company set up and formation
> Immigration services
> Political Asylum services
> Corporate Law
> Civil Law
> Criminal Law - against scammers (new!)
> Wealth structuring and management
> Capital Markets
> Trademarks
> Offshore- Onshore structures

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