Paymaster Lawyers for business transactions

Companies and institutions who trade internationally with commodities, bank instruments or agricultural products need reliable partners. Payments of fees and comissions must be handled quite safely and on time around the world. Legal requirements, international compliance needs and regulations must be observed and taken into account carefully. De Micco & Friends offer fast and cost-effective solutions.


Please note and read carefully before contacting us! We get hundreds of paymaster service requests every week! Unfortunately 60-70 % of all inquiries are not closed deals or are based on frauds! If you are not sure, please use our cybercrime fraud check, to avoid spending further costs, time and energy.


IMPORTANT! A paymaster contract implicates ALL parties: Sender, Receiver and Mediators (if any). We get many requests from mediators which like to safe their commissions by a paymaster agreement. This is OK, but the main contract has to be closed between SENDER and RECEIVER of the funds. So, if you are mediator please advise the sender or receiver to contact us. It makes no sense to order a paymaster agreement where sender and receiver are not involved.


By international money laundering laws we are obligated to present a due diligence for each transaction to the banks, money laundering authorities and the tax authorises of some countries. THERE IS NO WAY to execute or accept a mandate which is not covered by due diligence! As authorised paymaster attorneys we know the procedures and guarantee a safe and legal transaction.


Only with a professional, well prepared and documented due dilligence funds transfers are possible! Otherwise funds will be blocked and money laundering or anti terrorism authorithies will act against ALL parties.

Structuring and executing payment transactions

Experienced traders, such as buyers and sellers, agents, brokers and intermediaries use our services as independent international Escrow Lawyer and Paymaster Attorney located in Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Cyprus...). Acting independently as a neutral third party on behalf of all partners involved, De Micco & Friends will support you to build deeper trust with your business partners.

If you just need a worldwide money transfer service, please learn more here.

Authorized and registered as Lawyers / Attorneys at law De Micco & Friends supports their clients immediately and in the long run in international businesses and financial transactions.

This facilitation of large payments provides more security, reliability and confidence in your worldwide commodities, agricultural and financial instruments trade. Our International Attorney Paymaster Services in Europe (Switzerland (Zurich) can support your long term sustainable growth.

Upon request and as part of our international legal advisory services, we also accept mandates about drafting and tailoring all contracts and agreements.

Commodities, Agricultural, Financial trading

As seller or buyer, agent, broker or of intermediaries our clients need to handle fees and commissions of international transactions - and they have to transfer these funds regularly to various recipients (Beneficiaries). De Micco & Friends support their clients with International Attorney Paymaster Services in Europe - and on special requests also in other preferred jurisdiction worldwide.

Once the deal has been concluded and fees and commissions are paid, we care for the management and disbursement through a single and secure Attorney Paymaster trust account. As an independent third party trustee and financial intermediary we are supporting our legal clients primarily in the following transactions:

  • Private Placement Programs
  • Charity transactions
  • Charity funds management
  • Funds- and asset management
  • Private Investment Programs
  • Capital market transactions
  • Real Estate transactions
  • Crude Oil, Petroleum Gas, Jet Fuel...
  • Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamonds
  • Rare Metals, Coal, other commodities
  • Sugar, other agricultural products ...


Each paymaster project MUST be legally structured. Especially concerning international money laundering laws are to respect numerous factors and rules. In some cases, it is necessary to develop and build a structure (holdings, banks, foundations ...) In the assessment and evaluation of each project, our experienced lawyers, tax experts and investment bankers work in a team to develop an optimal structure for the transactions. This is always associated with considerable effort. As we get hundreds of request every week, please understand that in any case we have to charge the costs of the due diligence which proofs the legal and fiscal factors.

Ask for an offer

To make an offer and to pre-evaluate your project, please send us the following information:

  • what is your exact rule in the transaction: are you the sender, receiver or a mediator?
  • volume of funds
  • is it a one-time transaction or do you plan periodical transactions?
  • what is the business case: delivery of products, finance- or service contracts?
  • sender of funds (individuals or companies? Who? Where?)
  • location of funds (country and bank)
  • receiver of funds (individuals or companies? Who? Where?)
  • location of receiver of funds (country, which bank?)
  • final destinations of funds (who, country, bank?)
  • are mediators involved? (who? where located? how is the commission?)
  • do you need the set up for a structure? (company set up, off shore? on shore? where?)

The Procedures

  • You request all necessary information and documents through our website contact form, e-mail, telephone, fax or Skype (see all communication details on our Contact page).
  • Our Paymaster Lawyer then establish a personal communication with you - as trust and transparency through personal communication are the basic values underlying all of our services. We will send out the documents (see below) that need to be executed as well as a detailed description of the procedure.
  • Please note that by law we are obligated to make a legal and tax due diligence in all paymaster transactions! Especially the money laundering rules and laws have to be proved and respected.
  • Our group works with all leading banks in Europe
  • Documents you receive include
    • Client Information Sheet - your personal and contact as well as possibly company details. When returning it please do attach a scan of your valid passport or personal ID
    • Attorney Paymaster Agreement (APA) - the basic document of our mandate. This APA will be valid for all future transactions
    • Addendum A - information from payer/s. This form needs to be executed with the personal and contact details of the party/ies who will be sending funds to the Attorney Paymaster trust account;
    • Addendum B - information from beneficiary/ies. This form needs to be executed with the personal and contact details of the party/ies receiving funds from the Attorney Paymaster trust account. Please do attach a scan of a passport or personal ID for every beneficiary.
  • We need all relevant underlying contracts and fee agreements of your transaction(s), such as SALES AND PURCHASE AGREEMENTS, IRREVOCABLE MASTER FEE PROTECTION AGREEMENTS , SUB FEE PROTECTION AGREEMENTS.... This is needed to fully document the legitimate origin of the funds (source of capital) credited to the Attorney Paymaster trust account.
  • Notarised photocopies of personal identification documents (passport / ID) of all beneficiaries
  • After a one time advance fee has been credited to our business bank account to cover the costs for set up, due dilligence and constant communication with all parties involved your personal Attorney Paymaster trust account will be opened and ready to receive funds on your behalf. Usually at this time the setup process takes no longer then 24-48 hrs.
  • You will then receive a message with all banking details of your personal or your companies' trust account to be able to communicate them with your partners.

The fees

To keep the costs in this phase for our clients within manageable limits, we provide the project evaluation and structuring (due diligence), depending on the complexity, at a flat fee about 5,000, - to 15,000, - €. For the transaction we charge a commission between 0,5 and 5% of the volume, also depending by the complexity and volume.

  • Due Diligence of the project (legal, money laundering, tax issues...) 15- 50,000 Euro depending by the complexity, involved parties, countries and the volume
  • Setup fees for all transactions (document proving, bank agreements, communication), fix fee: 3,000,- Euro
  • Transaction volume until 100,000 Euro: 5%
  • Transaction volume 100,000 Euro - 500,000 Euro: 3%
  • Transaction volume 500,000 - 1,000,000 Euro: 2,5%
  • Transaction volume 1,000,000 - 10,000,000 Euro: 1,5%
  • Transaction volume > 10,000,000 Euro - 20,000,000 Euro: 1,0 %
  • Transaction volume > 20,000,000,000 Euro: 0,5 %

All fees are excluding bank and wire transfer fees.

Please contact us for further information.
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