Order your Spanish NIE - fast, easy, and safe

You need a Spanish N.I.E for business, property purchase, residence applications, opening a bank account...? Here you can order your Spanish NIE online, fast, safe and for good condititions at De Micco & Friends, lawyers and tax advisors. The fix fee is 121,00 Euro only, all inclusive, including registration fees.

  • Compilation, filling and examination of all necessary documents
  • Drafting of powers to represent you at the authorities
  • Filling of the application in Spanish, ready for signing
  • If you do not have an address in Spain, we will provide you with our office address for free
  • Presentation of your NIE application at the authorities
  • Payment of the NIE fees
  • Registration and activation of the NIE at the tax authorities (Modelo 36)
  • Pickup and delivery of your NIE to you by eMail and mail.

De Micco & Friends tax consultants are licensed to the Spanish authorities as an authorized cooperation partner. We represent our international clients daily at the Spanish immigration authorities. Your NIE order will be processed immediately upon receipt. A NIE applicion with De Micco & Friends takes beween 2 and 4 weeks.


After sending your NIE-order, here your can pay by credit card or PayPal:



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