Save your business and assets by company formation in Spain

The right solution for clever international entrepreneurs and investors


Businesses and entrepreneurs in some regions of the world are facing big challenges. Local and global politics, as well as other developments require action and entrepreneurial creativity. Europe is an important trading partner for international corporations and the perfect platform for your business. De Micco & Friends has developed solutions for non-EU companies from around the globe that will safeguard their future and open up new markets: Their very own business presence in Spain.

Your current country of residence is of no importance! Our clients hail from e.g. Arabic nations like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia… many African countries, China, Russia, Ukraine and from almost all Asian countries. As our client, you will have a European company and 100% control as shareholder, bank accounts, credit cards and payment systems for sending and receiving international payment transactions. Secure your future today with the freedom and independence guaranteed by a business presence in Spain.


Our clients open up world market opportunities for their businesses with their presence in Spain! Some clients furthermore use this platform to legally relocate their assets or parts thereof to a safe and stable business location. De Micco & Friends will support your efforts with tailor-made solutions.


We safeguard the funds and assets of individuals, families and companies. De Micco & Friends creates the underlying concept and structure for the implementation of any kind of asset relocation worldwide.

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