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The De Micco & Friends Granada Team offers all legal services of an international full-service law firm. We speak Spanish, English, Feench and German.

  • Real Estate Law, all types of transactions (buy, sell, rent, lease)
  • Company - and business set up, company foundation in Granada and all Spain
  • Representation of investors in Granada (Real Estate, Merger & Acquisitions, Capital Markets)
  • Civil law, Family Law
  • Immigration, Golden Visa
  • Company Law
  • Crime Law
  • Global Family Office


Granada is located just at the point where the Sierra Nevada mountains meet the fertile plain of the vega. Behind it are steep mountains and in front there is flat agricultural land. I suppose it was first inhabited and grew because it was easy to defend from behind and although it is dry in the summer there is always a supply of water coming from the mountain fuelled by melting snow, the rich soil in the Vega provided an ample food source. The altitude is 630 metres.


From the time historical records began Granada was ruled by many Caliphs, Arabic sultans and dynasties. The Arabic/Moslem empire once stretched right up into the north of Spain. The various Christian groups settled their differences, joined together and steadily drove the Arabs out of Spain. Granada was the last stronghold and finally succumbed to Isabel and Ferdinand (the catholic monarchs) in 1492. The Moslems and the Jews were forced to leave the country or convert to Christianity. A period of what would nowadays be described as ethnic cleansing ensued. At the same time Christopher Columbus came to Granada to ask Isabel and Ferdinand for a grant to build ships so that he could conquer the Americas. They gave him the money and I am sure you already know the rest.


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