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Investing in Bulgaria

Bulgaria offers foreign investors some of the world's most competitive business costs. Real estate investment has produced a plentiful supply of modern offices at very competitive costs. Corporate taxes and labor costs are quite low for European standards. Privatization and deregulation are creating sophisticated public utility and telecommunications industries.

Compared to western European standards - Bulgaria is cheap. Investors can still find some outstanding values on the market and opportunities are plentiful. Come and discover.

Bulgarian Workforce

Bulgaria's working-age population consists of around 4.8 million highly educated and skilled men (52 percent) and women (48 percent). The literacy rate in Bulgaria is 93 percent. A high percentage of the work force has completed some form of secondary, technical, or vocational education. Many Bulgarians have strong backgrounds in engineering, medicine, economics and the sciences. The aptitude of workers and the relative low cost of labor are considerable incentives for foreign companies to invest in Bulgaria.

Strong Economic Growth

In its annual report, the European Commission assessed Bulgaria as a fully functional market economy, with a high degree of macroeconomic stability and working market mechanisms. The Bulgarian economy is working under currency board (1 Bulgarian Lev=1.95583 Euro), which provides for a stable and predictable macro economic environment. Careful fiscal discipline and strong foreign investment has provided for sustained economic growth for the last 7 years. The expected economical growth (GDP per capital) is about 5 percent per year. The state owned section of the Bulgarian economy is about 20 percent. With many local and foreign investments, the financial system is stable and banks are expanding their landing.

Services of our Lawyers in Sofia

The De Micco & Friends Sofia Team offers all legal services of an international full-service law firm. We speak also English and German.

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