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The De Micco & Friends Malta Team offers all legal, audit and accounting services of an international full-service law firm.

  • Golden Visa, Residency applications
  • Accounting, Audit
  • Company - and business set up, company foundation in Malta
  • Representation of extra-European companies, investors and individuals in Malta
  • Real Estate Law, all types of transactions (buy, sell, rent, lease)
  • Representation of investors in Malta (Real Estate, Merger & Acquisitions, Capital Markets)
  • Civil law, Family Law, Crime Law
  • Company Law
  • Family Law
  • Family Office services

Business in Malta

Malta is one destination of choice for the setting up of business activity with interests in the European Union, the Middle East or North Africa. Malta has a resilient, mixed and sustainable economy complemented by a stable political environment.

Malta is one of the few safe havens left in the European union with a pro-business government offering a number of business solutions both for startups and business relocating from other countries.

Geopolitical Data

Malta is an archipelago of four islands located in the Mediterranean, 93 km south of Sicily and 290 km north of Libya. Malta has an area of 316 sq km with a population of 410,000. Malta is a parliamentary democracy and a Republic and has been independent since 1964. The country is a member of the Commonwealth and since 2004 also (still) a member state of the European Union.

The national currency is the Euro since 2008. Economic indicators Gross Domestic Product – €8.5bn; Government Debt is 73% of GDP – EU 91% and the EURO Area 96% (2014); Inflation – 2.2%; Budget Deficit – <3%; Growth in 2014 – 2.3% of GDP;

The national airline, Air Malta, travels to 44 destinations in 22 countries; The Malta Freeport is the 3rd largest transhipment hub in the Mediterranean handling 2,7m TEUs annually; The Malta Ship Registry is the 2nd largest in the EU and in the top 10 world wide with 51.8 mt gross tonnage registered; Malta has 68 active Double Taxation Treaties with another 3 signed and not yet in force.

Structure for doing business in Malta

The preferred corporate structure for doing business in Malta is the Limited Liability Company (LLC). The reason for this is that the LLC is considered to be a separate legal person from its members or share holders and for this reason its liabilities towards its creditors are limited to its own assets.So the personal wealth of the share holder/s is protected against claims from the creditors of the company.

An LLC is formed by founder members who subscribe to a Memorandum & Articles of Association (M&A) which is submitted to the Registrar of Companies. The Registry staff review the M&A, in order to ensure its compliance with the relevant Acts, before registering it. Any changes to the structure of the company are filed with the Registry using theprescribed forms.


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