Selling Real Estate in Spain

With the Pre-Sales Package for sellers of real estate in Spain you now get the optimal legal and tax preparation for the sale of your property to ensure speedy, legally compliant and tax-optimized handling.

Legal Formalities & Costs Selling Real Estate in Spain

Selling without risk and delay

Although Spain provides quite sound legal protection when selling real estate today, there are still cases, where the seller has to face serious problems or unexpected costs after the sale, because certain processes were not followed, documents were not verified or contracts were developed, which are to the disadvantage of the seller.

Therefore, it is generally recommended that also the seller of real estate in Spain should consult a qualified lawyer for representation and a tax consultant with knowledge of local and international taxes and fees.

Many real estate transactions in Spain are delayed or even fall through due to missing or incomplete documentation or approvals. As a seller you can prevent this to ensure a smooth and speedy sales process:

  • You will sell your property faster, since the entire sales process, which in Spain is not validated but only certified by the notary, is already verified under legal and tax aspects and was prepared in your interest as the seller.
  • If during the preliminary approval shortcomings or missing documents are found, then there is sufficient time to get these obstacles out of the way.
  • All relevant tax aspects for you, the seller, are verified and optimized by our international tax experts before the sale.
  • You avoid unnecessary delays or even blocking of payment.
  • Deposit, purchase price payment, processing, conditions and handover are safeguarded by an option contract. 


Pre-Sales Package Services

The following services are included in the flat rate Pre-Sales Package:

  • Compilation and evaluation of all relevant sales documents
  • Verification of possible third party land charges or rights
  • Verification of existing or possibly missing approvals (construction, renovation, extensions or conversions), recommendations regarding necessary retrospective approvals, etc.
  • Verification of the individual tax situation of the seller regarding the property purchase
  • Tax calculation and possible refund claims
  • Verification and recommendation regarding international money laundering laws with regard to payments and transfers



As the real estate owner you obtain the Pre-Sales Package at a flat rate. Depending on the size of the property and complexity you can book the entire legal and tax accountant services for a fixed price between EUR 600.00 and 1,000.00. At the time of the sale you can commission De Micco & Friends with the legal assistance during the sales process. In this case 20% of the paid fees will be offset. Request your personal non-binding offer.


This information is current as of the date of its publication and does not necessarily reflect the present state of the law or relevant regulation.