Kidnapping of family members

If a child, family or company member has been kidnapped or harmed, immediately contact us! Don't lose time. Time is the most critical factor in these cases.

A family member is missed, what to do?

International child abductions are very difficult and complex situations. Unfortunately, they are not uncommon. Every year, thousands of children are wrongfully taken or held in other countries. By international laws, an international child abduction occurs when a parent, guardian or other person with lawful care of charge of a child removes that child from their country, or retains that child outside of the country, without either the legal authority or permission of a parent who has full or joint custody rights.

If the abduction has already happened, you should know: each international child abduction is unique – but at the same time shares much with others.

De Micco & Friends attorneys will take certain steps to improve the chances you will find and recover your child. We will engage officials, provincial/territorial and federal governments, law enforcement officials, las well as non-governmental organizations who may help to solve the case.

We understand the processes and issues involved in searching for and trying to bring back your family member:

  • Stopping an abduction in progress
  • Finding your family member in a foreign country
  • Contacting authorities, assistance of local and international police
  • Co-ordinating embassies and consulates
  • Contact and involve non-governmental organizations (if sense full)
  • Bringing your family member back to your country

You may face emotional difficulties as you fight an international child abduction. Despite the challenges, it is important not to become discouraged. We will take all possible actions to resolve an abduction.

It is also important to remember that, despite all your work to get your family member back, it may be a long and complicated process – and that things do not always work out as planned.

Co-operation with Interpol

Interpol is the world’s largest international police organization. It has about 190 member countries. Interpol lets police around the world work together to solve crimes. De Micco & Friends works very close with Interpol and co-ordinates the activities.

Searching for your family member

What you can do:
  • Contact relatives and friends. Check with them regularly, write down what they tell you and keep that information in one place.
  • Tell your child’s school, doctor and hospital (if your child receives regular treatment at a hospital) about the abduction. Give them your phone number. Ask them to call you immediately if they are contacted by the other parent.
  • Identify other sources of information that could reveal where your child and the abducting parent are. These sources will be different in every situation, but we have put together a list to get you started. We also help you identify sources that might help.
  • Check your eMail account every 5 hours.
  • Make several copies of your custody order and the birth certificate, Let the copies certified by a notary public or embassy or other official, and keep those copies on hand.
  • Do not give up! – but be realistic about the process: it may be long and hard.

Sources for information

Further sources you should explore to get information:

  • Mobile phones, computers, phone books, email directories and other contact lists
  • Facebook accounts and other social medias
  • Friends and relatives
  • After-school activities
  • Places where the family member goes to “hang out”
  • Clubs and organizations
  • Places of worship
  • Preschools and day cares
  • Medical and dental records
  • Veterinary records
  • School records
Kidnapping case: The captors told us, to involve anybody. No police. What should we do?

Usually captors demand, to not involve the police. But in fact, it's very dangerous and at some stages of the negotiation nearly impossible, to solve a kidnapping case without the authorities. Local and especially international authorities, like FBI, CIA, Interpol and Europol are highly trained and educated for kidnapping cases. After a study of your case, we will represent you and co-ordinate all activities, including involving the authorities.

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