Company formation or purchase of pre-founded company for foreign shareholders

De Micco Friends is a trusted, authorized and at Spanish authorities registered law and tax firm under Spanish law and financial regulations. The order includes the following services and results:

1. Company name application | 2. Company name certificate | 3. Company bank account | 4. Drafting of company statutes | 5. Drafting of company formation agreement (escritura de la constitución) | 6. Drafting of all necessary PoA's for foreign shareholders and directors | 7. Notarization | 8. Inscription at company registry | 9. Spanish tax number | 10. International VAT-number | 11. Real post address | 12. Free  Company Formation tax advise


If you need a pre-founded Spanish company ready-for-use, you can find here our list.

Here you can learn more about company formation in Spain. 

Fees and costs:

Fix fee for a new Spanish limited (SL) formation, if shareholders come to Spain for signing: 1,500.00 Euro

Fix fee for a new Spanish limited (SL) formation by Power of Attorney: 2,900.00 Euro

Fix fee for a Spanish limited (SL), pre-founded, ready-to-use: 4,900 Euro

(All fees plus notary costs and registration fees.)

After receiving your order and payment we will start the procedures immediately.



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