Class Action Lawsuit "Oxygen"

The Case

By a wrong treatment in the case of respiratory problems or interruptions immediately after birth thousands of infants die every year or suffer strong helath consequences. By following various recommendations and regulations, the treating physician was not supposed to ventilate an infant immediately with oxigen, but to wait up to 10 minutes with the oxigen ventilation and take other measures. This resulted in thousands of cases worldwide, in death or substantial consequential damage for infants due to lack of oxygen supply to the brain. In several researches it is proven that the mechanic respiration in these situations is not sufficient.

The plaintiffs are represented in the US and Europe by the law firm De Micco & Friends that is responsible for the case. Parents whose children were victims of the described treatment failure may be declared under the description of their personal case and may participate in the class action. Up to several thousand participants are expected by the summer, where the complaints are to be filed by the courts.

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Application as victim

If you have become as a parent victim of the above described treatment error for your child, you may participate in the proposed class action. The flat fee for examination of your case is 1,000 euros. Each case presented will be examined individually. If your case meets the criteria of the action, you can participate in the class action and you will be represented by our firm. Your representation occurs at a reasonable flat fee with an additional contingency fee.If we accept to represent you, you will receive a confirmation by De Micco & Friends after examination of the facts. You can submit your case and the facts in English, German or Spanish.

All information about the course of action and preparation of the case for the future proceedings can be found on this website.


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Because of numerous requests the assessment of your circumstances may take up to 8 weeks depending on the complexity. We are asking for your patience.