BREXIT Solution for UK companies

If you trade with Europe from the UK, the Brexit will affect your business. You may be considering whether you need to setup an entity in the EU now, to safe your business.

Trade changes will affect your business in any case

The changes for any UK business trading with the EU could be hugely significant. UK businesses could face tariffs and new regulatory burdens when they sell into the EU. These would increase costs and make them less competitive relative to their European competitors.

Many UK businesses have integrated EU suppliers deep into their supply chains. These EU supplies could also be subject to tariffs and customs delays, which would disrupt operations, increase working capital and increase costs.

The impact will depend also on the sector in which your business operates. Tariffs and regulations vary from product to product, and some sectors face particular issues. For example Agriculture will likely be affected hugely, as any transition even to WTO rules will be difficult and complicated. Also Financial services firms in the UK benefit from so-called passporting rights, which allow them to sell into the EU. All these rights may be lost due to Brexit.

The Brexit could affect your business in many more ways than just trade. If you employ EU nationals in the UK they could also be impacted. Their rights to reside and work in the UK will need to be renegotiated. If your business is regulated by a European body, then the regulatory body could change. Also your customers could be affected, e.g. they may move more of their business into the EU.


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The solution: setup an entity in Spain

Many businesses are considering setting up a legal entity in Spain to prepare for Brexit. This is much easier and more cost-effective than they may realise. Having a Spanish legal entity will allow you to hire staff in the EU, or even retain any current EU staff who may wish to relocate or are unable to work in the UK post-Brexit. A Spanish entity will make it easier for you to avoid tariffs, change your supply chain, operate bank accounts, pay suppliers and setup operations in the EU. Of course, you can also retain your UK entity at the same time as having an EU entity.

Many UK firms are already starting to plan moves overseas. Clever entrepreneurs act now!

De Micco & Friends offers company formation as well as ready-made companies for UK entrepreneurs. If you want to start business in Spain without having to build a costly infrastructure, you can use the Virtual Office Service. You will receive a complete business package consisting of a Spanish company with a legally and tax-optimized structure, a head office in Spain and the administration of the company.


Here you can order your Spanish company formation online.

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