Apply as freelance partner

Current offer for lawyers and auditors

De Micco & Friends is seeking worldwide experienced and independent lawyers and auditors, who like to join our group as freelance partners.

To force the worldwide growth of our group and to expand the local services for our international clients, we offer an easy process to join us as freelance partner. To freelance partners, who work totally independent, we don’t charge any license fees and we don’t expect any investments. The partners can use a part of our network, the brand and our international reputation for free and without any obligations. The partnership can be cancelled anytime.   

As we promote our services through an international marketing, we get clients requests from all over the world. But in some locations we cannot make a serious prognosis about the future volume which we will generate. The idea is to develop step by step a business with you at your location by using our brand, network and reputation.

Application as Freelance partner

Your will find an information package, which includes brochures, the partner commission model, the partner level model, a draft agreement and the application form for Freelance partners here as a download.

If you like to apply as freelance partner in your region, please send us the following application documents by mail to:

Mail De Micco & Friends

  • The partner application template
  • Your full CV
  • Your photo
  • Your passport copy
  • Your academic degrees (lawyer, attorney, auditor, tax advisor, LLB, LLM, MBA, PHD…)

Please respect, that the number of accepted freelance partners is limited at all locations.

The next steps

When we get all information, after a short proof and confirmation you will be will be listed as a partner of our group with your profile and skills. We will announce the co-operation with you in our next newsletters and on our website. As soon as we get client requests from your region we will send the leads to you. In the same time, you can use our headquarters for cases of your clients as well of course.

Please contact us for further information.
Phone: +34 871 955 077 | eMail: