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The De Micco & Friends Group continuously grows by creating new local branch offices at strategically interesting locations. "First Movers" are experienced experts in the Group’s business fields with high entrepreneurial ambitions, organisational talent, management qualities and a good network in their line of business. Also companies, such as small- and medium-sized law firms or audit firms or real estate companies can get involved in a local branch office of the brand De Micco & Friends as "First Movers" in order to realise the business model together with the De Micco & Friends Group and to grow.

Duties, Responsibilities and Realisation by Individual First Movers

Your will find an information package, which includes brochures, the partner commission model, the partner level model, a draft agreement and the application form for First Mover partners here as a download.

Individual experts wanting to get involved as "First Movers" initially form a start-up partner team for at least one business field (legal, audit, accounting or real estate). After a Partner or Senior Partner team has become a team of 3-5 experts due to the efforts of the "First Mover", meeting the requirements of the Group and bindingly accepting the partner concept, De Micco & Friends will take care of the incorporation of the local branch office and the establishment of the required infrastructures. Subsequently, a new local branch office, depending on its location, should be operative within 1-3 months and grow successively.

Special Performances and Compensations for First Movers

As compensation for their involvement in the establishment of a new local branch office, "First Movers" will be promoted to "Associate Partners" with the incorporation of the local company and will receive interest in the company. As "Associate Partners", the First Movers, besides profit sharing in the overall success of the local branch office in accordance with their shares, also share in the profits of all Partners and Senior Partners of their business units (see De Micco & Friends Partner Commission Model). The expected investment from a first mover is between 20,000 and 200,000 Euros, depending by the engagement, the location and the local business plan. Also smaller and start-up law and audit firms or teams can apply as first movers.

First Movers must have excellent management skills and an entrepreneurial spirit.

If you like to apply as first mover partner in your region, please send us the following application documents by mail to:

Mail De Micco & Friends

  • The partner application template
  • Your full CV
  • Your photo
  • Your passport copy
  • Your academic degrees (lawyer, attorney, auditor, tax advisor, LLB, LLM, MBA, PHD…)

The next steps

As soon as we get all information our business development team will contact you to follow up.

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