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The Internet is full of various fast and easy money-making opportunities that promise to return a high yield, especially on the money of small investors. In many of these cases, such programs are pyramid or snow-ball schemes.  The first problem is the 100 M EURO minimum investment. Actually, there is no realistic point in trying to pool less than 100 M EURO. And here we have the first legal conflict! In many countries, it’s strictly illegal to pool money with promises of a high return. It is nearly impossible to manage bulk transactions (raising capital with many investors).

Another problem is the management and the brokers. How can they be trusted? If some party manages to aggregate 100 M Euro from hundreds of participants, they will not be able to pass the due diligence process, because pooled funds like that are not allowed to enter trading.

Most scams are usually made, or attempted, with smaller investors who will in fact never qualify as investors.

De Micco & Friends offers a fraud-check to investors for a fixed fee. As we know the business and also many programs and the players, we can proof every offer and all documents to protect unexperienced investors in this field.

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Fraud protection

  • Checking and verification of documents like bank instruments, MTNs, guaranties and Swift transactions
  • Proof and verification of funds
  • Review of the local and international legal situation
  • Scam checking, forensic investigations
  • Review of licences and reputations (brokers, advisors, mediators)
  • Compliance, money laundering and data protection

Fraud defense and claims

De Micco & Friends attorneys also defend clients who are victims of fraud related to private placement programs and other crimes related to finance investment.  As we know these financial businesses and the players, we offer a qualified defence and we submit claims to international courts if necessary. In some cases, we cooperate very closely with institutions like the FBI, Interpol and Europol, as well as financial regulators like the SEC.

Some investors contact us because their funds indeed are blocked in programs and they haven’t received pay-outs for a variety of reasons. We are also able to successfully defend the interests of these clients.

If you are a victim of a fraud, please contact De Micco & Friends at
We accept cases starting with a damage of about 500 T Euro.

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