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For entrepreneurs wanting to sell their corporation as a whole, only parts of the corporation or technologies, De Micco & Friends have developed the Equity Value Package.

One target of this Equity Value Service Package is to develop not only a realistic assessment of your corporation, but also to develop the necessary facts and arguments to enforce this review for negotiations with counterparties. Your negotiating position with potential buyers and investors is strengthened manyfold.


The service pack aims to produce the following results:

  • Admission, inventory of your corporation
  • Identification of strengths and possible weaknesses
  • Collation of relevant sales-relevant data and facts in preparation for a possible transaction
  • Creating a powerful communicating, accurate detailed fact sheet and a sales presentation with the focus on all relevant facts for a potential buyer, in particular the existing strengths and advantages.
  • Definition of a realistic, market-driven evaluation framework as a negotiation basis with potential buyers or investors
  • Market and synergy analysis, with a focus to identify potential buyer- or investor groups
  • Active (anonymous) acquisition of potential buyers or investors
  • Presentation, introduction of specific negotiations, LOI, due diligence and final sale (closing)


You will find faster, reliable and more targeted buyers or investors for your project and you will achieve a better market price.

  • Your project will be more attractive to buyers or investors as it is created with a qualified equity story and also communicates exactly in the right time to meet the needs.
  • During negotiations you will achieve a better price as you are being perfectly prepared to present the case.
  • De Micco & Friends assumes most of the time- and labour- processes and communications leaving you to concentrate on your operational business.
  • De Micco & Friends extensive worldwide contact- and investor-database, will provide you access to buyers and investors globally; you would probably not be able to contact these otherwise.
  • De Micco & Friends have been cooperating with qualified investors for many years, your project is presented in person so that the correct potential buyers and investors will get to know and understand your industry and business. The Group’s investor database includes some 20.000 institutional investors and more than 1,500 private clients.
  • Your Project is placed via the De Micco & Friends-Brokerage into all major Investors- and M&A- online portals. This alone will save you several thousand Euros in placements and membership fees as well as saving you many days of work.
  • As an investor De Micco & Friends understands the language of the investors. Because of personal contact with interested investors, following the distribution of the project the closing possibility is vastly increased. Your project will receive more interest directly from the start onwards.
  • De Micco & Friends is internationally known as a qualified investor, an experienced consultant and a reliable partner in all the Private Equity sectors, as well as in stock market- and financial market transactions. From the start De Micco & Friends creates a higher value for buyers and investors.

Further information about the EQUITY VALUE PACKAGE for seller of businesses you can find here.

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