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LAWYERS & AUDITORS, lawyer Mallorca

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Business lawyers, attorneys and tax advisors in Palma de Mallorca, Madrid and all Spain


As a full-service law and tax consultancy firm in Spain, LAWYERS & AUDITORS is available to international individuals and companies who are doing business in Spain. English and English speaking Business lawyers and tax advisors support and advise clients on the purchase or sale of properties, the formation and management of companies, relocation and safeguarding of wealth and assets, the application for a NIE or VAT number, immigration to Spain and on all legal and tax issues in Spain.

Our strength is negotiation, in which we represent your interests in all business cases or in court processes and achieve optimal results. If necessary, the lawyers and economists are available to their clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


LAWYERS & AUDITORS, Real estate purchase in Spain
Sell & buy real estate in Spain

Real Estate Purchase in Spain

Spain does meanwhile provide a relatively high amount of legal protection for real estate purchases, but there are still cases in which the buyer has to battle enormous problems or unexpected expenses after the acquisition because certain processes were not adhered to, documents weren't checked or contracts were drafted which include substantial disadvantages for the buyer.

  • Buyer representation
  • Seller representation
  • Negotiation, contracting
  • Due Diligence
  • Tax fillings
  • Notarisation
  • After Sales procedures...
De Micco - company formation, incorporation in Spain
Your presence in Spain

Company Formation and Virtual Office

De Micco & Friends is the leading law and tax firm for company setup, formation, incorporation and company administration in Spain. We offer company incorporation for non-EU citizens with 100& ownership! We're aware that many of our clients face language and cultural issues when setting up their business in Spain. That's why De Micco & Friends is built around filling all your needs in your language.


De Micco - Litigation in Spain
Safe Investments in Spain

Representation of Investors in Spain

Spain is a very good location for smart investors due to its excellent infrastructure, legal certainty, political stability, its large domestic market and the tax advantages for foreign investors.

Our law and tax firm represents investors in Spain with research, negotiating, structuring, due diligence, contracting and tax. We support our clients not only in the examination, conception and structuring of their investments, but also actively assist them in their implementation. We represent investors in the purchase of private and commercial real estate, such as hotels or industrial plants, the acquisition of companies (M&A) and in strategic investments.

  • Negotiation
  • Due Diligence
  • Tax advise
  • Structuring
  • Contracting
De Micco - Special Missions
Special missions, special situations

Negotiation in Special Missions and Situations

We represent and support our clients and their interests - in any situation, in any role, in any location and at any time. Special situations are a matter for the boss. Whatever your case, you will get a partner with legal and economic expertise, who will safeguard your interests, who will understand you and who will think like an entrepreneur. We represent our clients in all business situations until blackmail or kidnapping cases.

  • Negotiations at any place in the world
  • Crisis negotiation
  • International investigations
  • Mediation in disputes and deadlocked situations
  • Negotiating in cases of blackmail or kidnapping...
De Micco - Immigration
Residency and Citizenship in Spain

Immigration and Golden Visa Spain


LAWYERS & AUDITORS empowers high net worth individuals, families, entrepreneurs and investors to become "global residents" and helps to reach their live plans into reality through highly personalized solutions, programs and services...

  • Golden Visa Spain
  • Non-lucrative visas
  • Immigration by entrepreneurship
  • Citizenship
  • Procedures, requirements
  • Applications
De Micco Family Office
The Global Family Office

The Global Family Office

LAWYERS & AUDITORS offers a care service for high-net-worth individuals and their families extending far beyond conventional investment advice and management. We call it the Global Family Office. Whereas the traditional asset manager and multi-family office rely on external consultants for legal, tax and financial matters, as a client of LAWYERS & AUDITORS’ Global Family Office you have the benefit of services from a single source, across the world.

  • Wealth Management
  • Real Estate Management
  • Relocation of Assetes
  • Inheritance
  • Tax Consulting
  • Charity Management
  • Lifestyle Management
De Micco asset and wealth protection
Asset protection and relocation in off-shore areas

Asset protection and relocation

LAWYERS & AUDITORS protects your private and commercial assets around the world from unsafe, compromised or blocked locations.

Political and economic situations in some world regions compel wealthy individuals and companies to protect their assets.

Moving or totally relocating far from home is not always desirable. But many of our clients want to minimise risk and increase security by diversifying asset locations.

In some especially troubling situations, this is not about gaining security but about preventing total loss of assets.

LAWYERS & AUDITORS helps you with this problem.

De Micco asset and wealth protection
Working from Home (WFH) / Remote Working in Spain

Working from Home (WFH) in Spain

De Micco & Friends support employers and employees with the tax and legal employment aspects of setting up a working-from-home arrangement in Spain. Our law office can take care of employer and employee registration, tax declarations and social security contributions, as well as communication with the authorities. Neither the employer nor employees will need a knowledge of Spanish. Our law office can also act as the fiscal address and contact point for the financial and social security authorities.

  • Homeoffice Spain for employees
  • Homeoffice Spain for employers
  • Tax issues
  • Legal issues
  • Set up WFH
  • Accounting
De Micco - cybercrime lawyers Spain
Defending cybercrime victims

War against Cybercrime

LAWYERS & AUDITORS defents victims of cibercrime scams against scammers world wide. We co-operate very close with internet providers, local authoities, Interpol and the FBI. Cybercrime is a serious accusation which can send a person to prison for years. An attorney experienced in the world of cybercrime has some choices when it comes to choosing a defense...

  • Representing of victims
  • Damage recovering
  • Local investigations
  • Local representation
  • Acting against scammers
  • Fix fees for victims