De Micco & Friends is representing injured parties and victims of NOLOTIL in a class action in Spain, which was initiated by the non-profit association “ADAF, asociación de afectados por fármacos“ ( The legal action is filed in the competent courts in Spain by De Micco & Friends on behalf of ADAF.

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The principal claim includes the discontinuance of the sale of the drug - based on the substance Metamizol - by the manufacturer and by third parties represented by the manufacturer. This action is thereby of public interest. There are medical reports, expert opinions and other evidence to substantiate that consumption of the drug is associated with disproportionate, serious side effects.

Among other issues, cases of death have already been reported, which can be attributed to the consumption of NOLOTIL (known in Germany and up to now on the market under the name “NOVALGIN”). The suit is filed by ADAF Association. All injured members of ADAF Association are represented within the scope of the class action. Injured parties may, however, assert their rights in an individual claim for damages, which has been prepared and structured by De Micco & Friends. ADAF members receive legal aid at discounted special conditions for their individual claims.

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