Before you entrust us with an analysis or representation in your case, please check the following questions for your individual case. If these questions do not apply to your case, you should refrain from mandating.

  1. Has the verifiable damage already occurred? (Hypothetical damage that may arise in the future cannot be displayed).
  2. Are you as the accuser directly affected by the damage?
  3. Was the damage caused in direct and direct consequence of the administrative and state measures initiated as part of the CORONA COViD19 and not as a result of previous actions or events?
  4. Is the damage causally attributable to the official measures and can you justify this with evidence?
  5. Have you done everything to prevent or minimize the damage?
  6. Are you not to blame for the damage?
  7. Is the damage quantifiable in money?
  8. Can the damage be proven by documents?
  9. Do you know the risks of litigation and do you accept them?
  10. Have you read, understood and accept the conditions for participating in lawsuits?

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